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For Prospective Missionaries

If you are a missionary interested in presenting your ministry to Wayside Baptist Church, please complete the form below. You may also mail or e-mail any preprinted or digital information describing yourselves and your field of ministry. Our address is at the bottom of the page.

The purpose of this information is not to further labor the missionary but to make a generalized basis for which to evaluate our capability to support.

Missionary Information Form

Full Name:
Spouse's Full Name:
Number of Children:
Street Address:
Zip/Postal Code:
Name of Mission Board (if applicable):
Sending Church:
Sending Pastor:
Type of Missions Outreach:
Desired Mission Field:
Salvation Testimony (both if married):
Short Narrative Describing How You Were Burdened For Your Field
What are your beliefs regarding the infallibility, inspiration and preservation of the Bible?
Give your doctrinal stand on the virgin birth, eternal security, Godhead, and the return of Christ
Tell us about any missions experience or trips taken
What kind of training have you gained?
What further training is needed before getting to the field?