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Monthly Fellowships

Men's Fellowship

On the first Monday of each month, the men of our church come together to fellowship, pray, and hear a short devotional by one of the men. This is a great time for men to get to know one another, pray for each other's needs and build friendships. At Wayside, we believe in building relationships! Many of our men have grown closer to the Lord and to each other through this vital ministry. Kyle Pilkington heads up this ministry.

Ladies' Fellowship

Our Ladies' Fellowship meets on the first Tuesday of each month All ladies are welcome. The Ladies get together for fun and fellowship - BUT this group is very much a ministry. Always seeking to find ways to help others, the ladies have supported many causes including special offerings for and gifts to missionaries, collection of non perishable items for the food bank, donations of items and monies to Homes for Unwed Mothers, care packages for the military, and the list goes on and on. So come on out and be a part of this worthwhile ministry! See Dawn Robey or Sinde Burch for more details.

Seniors' Fellowship

In many churches today, often overlooked is the one group of people with the life experience necessary for growing a successful church - the Senior Citizens. That is not so at Wayside Baptist. We know that our seniors have much to teach us and we listen! Many are involved in the ministries of the church and we are privileged to have a ministry just for them. Our Senior Citizens participate in many projects and functions throughout the year including day trips, concerts and many other activities. They get together at least once per month - normally on the Second Monday of the month - and are a vital part of our church family.