This is our current library of sermons available online. Messages are preached by our senior pastor except where noted by (parentheses) which contain the preacher's last name. Messages are arranged with the most recent at the top. The filename uses a yyyy-mm-dd naming system. SAM = Sunday a.m. service; SPM = Sunday p.m. service; WPM = Wednesday p.m. service.

Please allow up to ten days for messages to be added to the website, and some services may not be posted. You can also find video archives of most messages on the Wayside Baptist Church Facebook page.

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2018-02-14 WPM Nuggets of Inspiration
2018-02-11 SPM The Church That Makes God Sick
2018-02-11 SAM Slipping and Sliding
2018-02-07 WPM It's The Big One
2018-02-04 SPM Dr. Andrew Phipps
2018-02-04 SAM Order My Steps
2018-01-31 WPM Will You Trade Your Religion For A Relationship
2018-01-28 SPM Bright Light in a Dark World
2018-01-28 SAM Getting the Most Out of Church
2018-01-21 SAM Being Honorable in Dishonorable Times
2018-01-14 SAM What Will You Do
2018-01-10 WPM The Great Confrontation
2018-01-03 WPM Living With A Good Conscience Before God
2017-12-31 SPM (McCain) Finding Joy In The Pursuit of Christ Alone
2017-12-31 SAM How Firm A Foundation
2017-12-27 WPM Witness Take The Stand
2017-12-24 SAM Overjoyed!
2017-12-20 WPM Matters of the Heart
2017-12-17 SAM What A Special Little Town
2017-12-13 WPM Ready!
2017-12-10 SPM To Believe Or Not To Believe
2017-12-10 SAM The Church of the Perpetual Memorial Service
2017-11-29 WPM Saying Goodbye
2017-11-12 SPM Crushed For Their Faith
2017-11-12 SAM Lost Love
2017-11-08 WPM (McCain) He Who Hesitates Will Lose
2017-11-05 SPM Our Certain Unalienable Rights
2017-11-05 SAM Reminder to Remember
2017-11-01 WPM Crossing The Cross
2017-10-29 SPM (Elliott) Is Your Jericho Still Standing
2017-10-29 SAM Dare to be Discipled
2017-10-25 WPM Things That Uplift The Struggling Believer
2017-10-22 SAM God's Will For Your Steps
2017-10-18 WPM Keeping The Family Together
2017-10-15 SPM (McCain) Finding Joy
2017-10-15 SAM Opportunity Knocks
2017-10-11 WPM Effects of God's Word
2017-10-08 SPM You Can't Claim Christianity But You Can Become One
2017-10-08 SAM Two Sides of the Door, Part 2
2017-10-04 WPM Upside Down is Right Side Up
2017-10-01 SPM Calling the Wayward Home
2017-10-01 SAM Two Sides of the Door, Part 1
2017-09-27 WPM Look Who Got In
2017-09-24 SPM Christ-Like Love
2017-09-24 SAM What Moves You_
2017-09-20 WPM Effective Impact
2017-09-17 SAM Falling Out Of Church
2017-09-15 Fri (Wells) 53 Days
2017-09-14 Thu (Wells) The Bald Eagle
2017-09-13 Wed (Wells) Carefully Choosing Your Choices
2017-09-12 Tue (Wells) The Man In Hell
2017-09-11 Mon (Wells) Do It Again Lord
2017-09-10 SPM Let's Talk About Giving
2017-09-10 SAM If You Could Ask For Just One Thing
2017-09-06 WPM Men on a Mission
2017-09-03 SPM What a Difference a Day Makes
2017-09-03 SAM Phrases on the Tombstones
2017-08-30 WPM Yoke Of Legalism
2017-08-27 SPM From Praise To Practice
2017-08-27 SAM Pathway to Success
2017-08-23 WPM Two Things Worth Noting
2017-08-20 SPM Disbelief In The Church_ What Difference Does It Make
2017-08-20 SAM One Piece At A Time
2017-08-13 SAM Directives For Life, Living and Liberty
2017-08-09 WPM From Captivity To Consolation
2017-08-06 SAM What's At The End When You're At The End Of Your Rope_
2017-08-02 WPM When Two Worlds Collide
2017-07-30 SPM Stabilizing the Believer
2017-07-30 SAM The Need for Compassion
2017-07-23 SPM What Is Known Of You
2017-07-23 SAM From Willful to Willing
2017-07-19 WPM (Jenkins) Trusting God's Authority
2017-07-12 WPM Responsibility of Your Position
2017-07-09 SPM (McCain) Finding Joy in the Pattern of Christ
2017-07-09 SAM Absolutes
2017-07-02 SPM Free At Last
2017-07-02 SAM Above The Circumstances
2017-06-28 WPM Maturing Ministry
2017-06-25 SPM Marital Issues I Cor. 7
2017-06-25 SAM Great Things Come In Small Packages
2017-06-18 SAM Men of Understanding
2017-06-11 SPM Court_s In Session
2017-06-11 SAM The One Thing that Keeps You Lost, Lamenting or Lazy
2017-06-07 WPM Parting Ways Or Patching Holes
2017-06-04 SPM (Elliott) Why Many Church Members Are Going To Hell
2017-06-04 SAM (McCain) Finding Joy in the Prospect of Heaven
2017-05-31 WPM Evangelizing the World
2017-05-28 SAM The Importance of Memorials
2017-05-24 WPM The Extraordinary of Ordinary
2017-05-21 SPM (McCain) Finding Joy in the Proliferation of the Gospel
2017-05-21 SAM When the New Becomes Old and the Old Becomes New
2017-05-17 WPM When People Change Before Your Eyes
2017-05-14 SAM Just Look What Jesus Can Do
2017-05-10 WPM The Little Known
2017-05-07 SPM Victory Is Within Our Grasp
2017-05-07 SAM Intolerant
2017-05-03 WPM Just When Things Were Getting Good
2017-04-30 SAM Exposure
2017-04-26 WPM The Trojan Horse
2017-04-23 SPM Thus Did Noah
2017-04-23 SAM Finding What's Missing
2017-04-19 WPM Flourishing In The Faith
2017-04-16 SPM Dealing With Stinky Feet
2017-04-16 SAM As He Said
2017-04-12 WPM (Elliott) The Story Behind The Door
2017-04-09 SAM Battle For Unity
2017-04-05 WPM Death of the Deacon
2017-04-02 SPM Turning From Displeasure
2017-04-02 SAM The Cross Is In The Way
2017-03-29 WPM Problems Within the Walls
2017-03-26 SAM Only Luke
2017-03-22 WPM They Ceased Not
2017-03-19 SPM (McCain) Pornography_ The Strange Woman of the 21st Century
2017-03-19 SAM Resolved
2017-03-12 SAM Where He Leads Me
2017-03-08 WPM Expectations
2017-03-05 SPM Confidence in Christ
2017-03-05 SAM Expectations of Royalty
2017-03-01 WPM Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave
2017-02-26 SAM Why The Virgin Birth Is Paramount
2017-02-22 WPM Acting On Their Faith
2017-02-19 SPM Confident Christianity
2017-02-19 SAM Pursuing God
2017-02-15 WPM Characteristics of the Bold
2017-02-12 SPM God Loves
2017-02-12 SAM God Can
2017-02-08 WPM Captivated by the Captives
2017-02-05 SPM Are You Really In Love_
2017-02-05 SAM God Knows
2017-02-01 WPM The Message of the Message
2017-01-29 SPM The Distance of the Heart
2017-01-29 SAM God Our Provider
2017-01-25 WPM Prayer Time Changes Things
2017-01-22 SPM The Name of God_ What's in a Name
2017-01-18 WPM The Preaching at Pentecost
2017-01-15 SPM Gaining The Rejoicing
2017-01-04 WPM Who Will Be Involved In The Lord's Work
2017-01-01 SPM (McCain) II Timothy 2_ Chapter of Choice
2017-01-01 SAM Rooted and Built Up
2016-12-28 WPM Passing of the Torch
2016-12-25 SAM Prepare Him Room
2016-12-21 WPM Fellowship
2016-12-14 WPM Priestly Pollution
2016-12-07 WPM Am I My Brother's Keeper
2016-12-04 SAM Church Growth_ Health Check-Up
2016-11-20 SPM Captured
2016-11-20 SAM (Carr) God's Little Space Called Grace
2016-11-19 Sat (Carr) What Are You Looking For_
2016-11-18 Fri (Carr) What A Difference Since Jesus Passed By
2016-11-17 Thu (Dixon) How To Live Between The Fire And The Flood
2016-11-16 Wed (Dixon) How To Get Your Goliath
2016-11-13 SPM Temperance Over Temptation
2016-11-13 SAM Who Am I
2016-11-09 WPM When the Going Gets Tough
2016-11-06 SAM One Nation Under God_ Men of this Generation
2016-11-02 WPM One Nation Under God_ Not Emotion But Devotion
2016-10-30 SAM One Nation Under God_ Vote Yes or No
2016-10-26 WPM One Nation Under God_ In God We Trust
2016-10-23 SPM One Nation Under God_ Right To Bear Arms
2016-10-23 SAM Well Water
2016-10-16 SAM One Nation Under God_ Biblical Education
2016-10-02 SAM God's Institution of Marriage
2016-09-28 WPM One Nation Under God_ Dignity of Human Life
2016-09-25 SPM In The Ready Position
2016-09-25 SAM The Warrior_ His Competency
2016-09-18 SPM America's Demise_ Biblical Illiteracy
2016-09-18 SAM The Warrior_ Sword of the Spirit
2016-09-11 SPM There Is Work To Be Done
2016-09-04 SPM You Never Saw It Coming But You Were Warned
2016-09-04 SAM The Warrior_ Helmet of Salvation
2016-08-28 SAM The Warrior_ Shield of Faith
2016-08-21 SAM The Warrior_ Preparation of the Gospel
2016-08-14 SPM The Crowd That Missed Out
2016-08-14 SAM The Warrior_ His Protection Part III
2016-08-12 (Wells) F The Destruction of the Home
2016-08-11 (Wells) Th The Life of Elijah_ Overcoming Depression
2016-08-10 (Wells) W The Life of Elijah_ Affecting Others
2016-08-09 (Wells) T The Life of Elijah_ The Word of God
2016-08-08 (Wells) M The Life of Elijah_ The Will of God
2016-07-27 WPM Rhetorical Question-Why Are You Angry
2016-07-24 SPM Ridding Yourself of Distractions
2016-07-24 SAM The Warrior_ His Protection Part II
2016-07-20 WPM Rhetorical Question-Is Anything Too Hard For God
2016-07-13 WPM Rhetorical Question-Where and Who
2016-07-10 SAM The Warrior_ His Protection Part I
2016-07-06 WPM Rhetorical Question-Who Is This
2016-06-26 SPM Redefined Through Choices
2016-06-26 SAM The Warrior_ His Practices Part II
2016-06-19 SAM The Warrior_ His Practices Part I
2016-06-12 SPM Pastor Scott_s Ordination Service
2016-06-12 SAM The Warrior_ His Preparation
2016-06-08 WPM Why Have Ye Done This
2016-06-05 SAM Needing Another Chance
2016-05-29 SPM Preventable Mistakes
2016-05-29 SAM The Greatest Death We Face
2016-05-25 WPM In the Face of Defeat
2016-05-18 WPM Entrusted
2016-05-15 SPM The Lord Is My Shepherd Part II
2016-05-15 SAM The Lord Is My Shepherd Part I
2016-05-08 SPM Prayers By The Faithful For the Faithful
2016-05-08 SAM I Need Help
2016-05-04 WPM The Identity of a Christian
2016-05-01 SPM The Perfect Constitution
2016-05-01 SAM Choosing The Right Way
2016-04-27 WPM He Will Do It Again
2016-04-24 SAM Wanting God's Best
2016-04-17 SPM Who Am I
2016-04-17 SAM Paul's Final Charge
2016-04-13 WPM Do You Love The Lord_
2016-04-10 SPM Coming Down To Bring Them Up
2016-04-10 SAM Do We Need To Hear It Again_
2016-04-03 SPM The Liberator
2016-04-03 SAM Easier To Get In Than To Get Out
2016-03-30 WPM Where Is Your _There__
2016-03-27 SPM Do We Want The Power of God_
2016-03-27 SAM The Transformation At The Tomb
2016-03-20 SAM Doing The Right Thing The Wrong Way
2016-03-16 WPM You Need To Open It Up
2016-03-13 SAM The Wayward Wife
2016-03-09 WPM Deo Volente, Or, If God Will
2016-03-06 SAM Consider What I Say
2016-03-02 WPM We Can Mess Up A Good Thing
2016-02-21 SPM The Importance of a Declared Savior
2016-02-14 SPM Will You Be My Valentine_ Signed, God