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30 minutes. 10 locks. Multiple puzzles. Hidden objects galore. One classic riddle.

First, can you escape? Second, can your group record the fastest exit time?

Form your team and reserve your spot on October 26, 27 or 28. Even though it's close to Halloween, it's not haunted, scary or spooky. Unless you find a morgue spooky ... or the unknown that lies within ...

This event is to be held at the Wayside Baptist Church in Deep Creek (712 Canal Drive). Reservations are required -- no walk-ins. This escape adventure will be best navigated with 6-10 team members. We start a new session every 45 minutes with the first session each night beginning at 6 p.m. Call or e-mail to find out what is still available.

As far as cost, we are operating on a donation basis. Keep this in mind: most escape rooms last one hour and cost $25-30 per person. Ours is only 30 minutes, and we're not professionals, but we use ideas from over 100 escape rooms and do what we can do as well as we can. (Busch Gardens wants $40 per person for a 30-minute room--yikes!) If you've heard of escape rooms and ever wanted to try one at a low cost, this is the one for you.