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SNAC Activity: Escape Room

You are bunkered down in a Chinese national pastor’s apartment. The authorities have already arrested him and taken him away. Unaware that he was harboring and hiding a team of Bible smugglers, the Chinese government locked his front door from the outside. You’ve just received word that the police are coming back to comb the place thoroughly for evidence, and undoubtedly they’ll find … YOU. Fortunately for you, one of the arresting officers is secretly a believer, so he’s left clues, keys and combinations behind so that you can get out. Unfortunately for you, those clues, keys and combinations had to either blend in well or be well-concealed, or else the officer would risk HIS own life as a traitor to the state. You have thirty minutes to escape the apartment. Good luck!

This is the setup for Sunday night's after-church activity. Teens will be given 30 minutes to work together to find their way out of the room, solving mysteries and finding clues that lead to keys and combinations. Parents will be briefed on fundraisers & camp.